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Official Rules of the 3rd Royal Contest of Animals

November 15, 2012

The official rules of the 3rd Royal Contest of Animals (the 3rd RCA)!
Like the 2nd RCA, this one will also be held on Facebook - so be sure to LIKE our official Facebook page to enter and vote.

The Official Rules:

1. Choose a Royal Photo of your pet. He or she may wear some clothes or accessories to make the image really chic!
2. Submit your photo along with a little story about your pet here Be sure to complete all 5 steps for your entry to be valid. You can submit your entry only once, so choose the photo you are really happy with. Otherwise you will have to enter the contest from another Facebook account.
3. You are in and can start collecting votes! In a little time we send you the promo picture that you can post to your timeline on Facebook or anywhere you want. It may help you to collect more votes!

Be sure to collect over 50 votes - after this contest is over, you can enter the Royal Contest of Animals SPECIAL*, and continue collecting until you finally win! Read more about the RCA SPECIAL here.

Only one photo per person and only one pet per person will be allowed to enter this contest.

A one Facebook user can vote only once for each entry.


The 3rd Royal Contest of Animals begins on Thursday 15th November at 01:00 PM PST and closes on Friday 14th December at 10:00 AM PST. The winner will be announced that same day at 11:00 AM PST.


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*Winners of the Royal Contest of Animals are not allowed to enter the RCA SPECIAL.