Gazette / 2013 / Official Rules of the Animal Century Kingdom / Official Rules of the Animal Century Kingdom

Official Rules of the Animal Century Kingdom

September 08, 2013

Here are the Official Rules of the Animal Century Pet Kingdom. These rules are only for pet residents, and must be read by every single pet resident. These Rules can be edited by Palace of Animal Century at any time. The rules contains the following paragraphs:
1. Joining the Kingdom

Joining the Kingdom

You can join the Kingdom of Animal Century by filling in and submitting the form on this page:

You must be a real pet to submit this form.
Pet owners are not allowed to fill in their information here, instead of the pet information.
You can submit this form only once, as long as only one residency per pet is allowed to be held.
Fake submissions, that may include fake photos, fake names, fake e-mails and fake names of owners are prohibited to be submitted. Palace of Animal Century has the right to refuse to accept your submission, when it appears to be fake.
Sending the message to your e-mail address with the link to your submission form (aka Passport) may take from a few minutes to a few hours. Sometimes it may take more time.
You can ask to change your pet photo or personal information, via sending a request to Palace of Animal Century.


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