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Original Greyhound Art

May 21, 2012

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Being nature-friendly and original always have been the main thing for greyhound art. In museums we see paintings with this dog breed, and they are sophisticated. Just like life on our planet, these greyhound paintings are beautiful in their naturality. They depict not just painted dogs, but the real life. This article was written by Green Officer, a military dog from Sighthound county. He does everything, to make our Kingdom the best place.

Greyhound Art

Why greyhounds in art inspire so many people to be kind? Even I can not answer this question. Many aspects should be picked up. When was greyhound painting created? By whom? What style does it belong to? Yes, importance of this subjects could not be overestimated.
As a long-time greyhound art lover, and dog of this breed myself, I say - all masterpieces were made in collaboration with nature. That is why paintings with us inspire everyone for being really happy. You know, how does it feel to run around park early in the morning? Sighthound dogs especially love it. Joy was depicted on greyhound artwork called Fast like Wind. In my puppyhood, I used to look at it during hours. I dreamed to run like dogs on the painting. Then, as I grew up, I went to study in MDUAC (Military Dog University of Animal Century). I became a recognized running champion. Power of greyhound art is endless! See, how it inspire animals on self-improvement.
Not a long ago I decided to buy some art prints. Gallery of whippet art showed me huge decorative dog posters. They were printed on recycled paper. Very wise decision! You can enjoy poster art gallery at home, without doing harm to nature. I bought a few, and asked if there are also such greyhound art prints. Unfortunately, there all were out of stock. But anyway, I felt happy about residents and guests of Animal Century, who got dog poster with my breed at home. Especially when it is so natural!
While talking about paintings with sighthounds, I also would like to mention italian greyhound art. Like with whippets, I always had special friendship with these dogs. Together we took part in founding AA&F foundation. While visiting schools and colleges of our land, we teach puppies how to take care of our planet. To make lessons interesting, we show students masterpieces of greyhound art. By discussing what is depicted on paintings, we prove that animals are masterpieces of nature.
I hope you liked my article. See you soon in Animal Century!

Italian Greyhound Art

© Written by Anna Pishvanova


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Portraits of Greyhound and Italian Greyhound was created by the artist Maria Pishvanova