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Please, Paint my Dog!

December 23, 2011

All dogs in Animal Century Kingdom love art. And if you visit a friend of yours, of corse you will see pet paitings from photos, hanging on the wall. It is an old tradition of our Kingdom. But I personally did not pay much attention to it. Til I met my bride - Lady Basset Hound. She is a conservative dog. And when I decided to invite basset hound home, I thought: maybe, I should hang some painted pet portraits of my relatives on the wall. Otherwise, Lady Basset Hound would be of a wrong opinion about me. A dog, who doesn't love it's relatives, is bad.

paint my dog

I called all dog directories, and in the end, I found a paint my dog direction. I called the first number and asked:
- Hello and bark. Tell me, could you please paint my dog relatives?
And a dog on the line replied:
- No, we just sell pet photo frames.

Then I called the second number on list.
- Bark and Good Day. Could you please paint my dog?
- Of course. Are you interested in pencil pet portraits or in watercolor pet portraits.

I thought a little bit.
- What about pet oil painting? - I asked.
- No. Our artists don't work in this technique. But we can do many pastel pet portraits for you.
- I'm not sure...maybe dog oil painting, still?
- If you don't like our pet portrait art, then call the other number!
- No, you understood me wrong...

But nobody heard me.

In the second call I tried to formulate my question the better.
- Hello, I would like to order some dog portraits from photos.
- You called the wrong number. We do cat portrait paintings.

Cats? I was not ready for such an answer! All next attemptions did not succeed, too. Some did only puppy portraits, others sold pet photo gifts...And when I called horse portraits photography, I felt weird. Probably, it was not my dog day.

But in the end, I got what I wanted:
- Hello. Can you paint my dog? - I asked hopelessly.
- Are you interested in a portrait of a single dog or family pet portraits?
I did not believe my ears.
- And you even do pet portrait paitings from photos?!
- Of course. We are pet portrait company and do any order!

That's the whole story about how I've been asking art companies to paint my dog. Everything end up well. My bride Lady Basset Hound highly estimated contemporary pet portraits of my dog relatives. She thought, that these paintings are many years old. I did not try to dissuade her. Let it be my little secret.

© Written by Julia Pishvanova


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