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Perfect Dog Training

December 18, 2011

When you had your perfect dog training for the last time? Don't hide your snout under ears, so we won't see you ashamed. Yes, you seem to had given up doing any exercises. It is easy to see. You can make a stylish haircut in a prestige saloon for dogs, or buy an outfit, that will hide unperfections of your dog figure. But there is nothing better than sport! And today we will tell you, what are the top dog sports in our Kingdom.

play dog ball

Forget about troubles of adult dog life. Do you remember, how you liked games with a ball, when you were a puppy? Don't be afraid to look stupid and accompany other dogs having fun. It not just a dog game, but also a great opportunity for a you to lose weight.

sticks for dogs

Oh these instincts...When somebody is throwing sticks for dogs, we are ready to scat after. And it doesn't matter, if you are sitting in the office or giving a speech at a dog meeting. One dandy once ran away from a dog wedding, when saw someone throwing a stick. By the way, he was a groom.
Of course, many dogs say, that the stick instinct is an addiction. But we are not agree with it. For majority of dogs running after a stick is not just safe, but a really perfect dog training. But if you hardly control your instincts, then better don't do stick sport. It can badly influence your personal life and career.

dog yoga

Every dog can do this healthy and popular sport. For the first, go buy a special yoga costume in the dog sports clothing department. But don't buy a yoda costume instead. This is comletely different styles.
Better start your exercises from the first level. But be careful! Never stretch your paws and tails on your own. You must do such an activities with your dog trainer.

pet training device

They say, that only strong and big dog can exercise with the help of machines. Such as mastino napoletano or rottweiler. But for a dog of middle sizes it's not a problem. What can you do, if you were born chihuahua or papillon? I tell you - small dog doesn't mean weak! Nothing can forbid you to go to the sport centre. There is just one rule - go in a special dog groups. Happily, it is possible now. You don't believe me? There is an example.
You are a toy poodle and don't know where to go in. We tell you. A great sport centre opened in our Kingdom not a long ago. It is called Powerful Poodles. Everything there is adapted for small dogs and exercise machines are, too. For example, poodle treadmills. And if you got bored of training among dogs of your breed, then find a mix group. For example, Small Muscular Dogs. You will meet there many malteses, italian greyhounds, chihuahuas, toy terriers...All these residents of our Kingdom found their perfect dog training. And we think that you will, too.

royal agility

You will need a special licence for this elite sport. You can get it from Graf Boxer or Lord Beagle. But it's not that easy. You got to earn the right to participate in the Royal Agility.
- It was not difficult for me. - says mister Border Collie. - I have a horonary title of dog musketeer and have participated in a knightly duels. And after I got a black collar in dog karate - Lord Beagle gave me a license. And now I can participate in the agility.

Now there is a few types of agility in the Kingdom. The first one is that, when dogs, dressed in armor, compete. A dog must be strong and muscular. Professional agility-knights also use shields with an image of Coat of Arms, that defines their county. It makes a competition the more difficult.
There is also a jumping agility. Dogs don't need an armor to participate. Otherwise, they need a costume made from soft material, so they can easily jump. All dog jumps are estimated by dog agility trainers. They look at not only the jump height. No less important, how gracefully and artistic a dog jumped. The last time a pharaoh hund won, after making an egypt sphynx pose in the air.
And in the end, puppy agility. I think there is no need to explain, that puppies of all breeds can participate in such competitions. Tasks are not difficult. For example, a puppy must bring a stick or jump through a ring. It's easy, but it brings the results. Winners of puppy agility then become a grown up agility-champions.

We hope, that our article helped you. We are sure, that you threw out a harmful dog food, turned off the Dog on a Couch tv, and are going to the sport centre again . Rrr! Don't be lazy, dogs! Remember, you can do anything. What is left is only to find the perfect dog training.

© Written by Julia Pishvanova


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