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Pictures of Pugs in Costumes

February 01, 2012

Hello readers of our Gazette! Today we will tell you three stories about fancy pugs, who live in Animal Century. Idea of creating a rubric dedicated to pug fashion came to our mind since not a long ago. These dogs sent dozens of letters to us, along with pics of them in clothes. And we gave up - such a beauty has to be shown to the world!
So read stories about stylish pugs, who appered on the cover of fashion magazine, bought too many dog dresses and went to school wearing a bow. Enjoy, pictures of pugs in costumes are included!

pictures of pugs in costumes

Lady Pug Fleur is a very fancy dog of Animal Century Kingdom. Since the early puppyhood she wore clothes by famous dog brands, so her mother was really proud that her daughter likes being beautiful.
- For a dog it is essential, and for a lady particularly. Our family passed love to pug clothes through generations. Even when Tibetan Mastiff the King ruled the Kingdom, my great grandmother wore glitter jackets, although such frivolous clothing was forbidden to wear!
No surprise, that Fleur wear different dog outfits every day. Her wardrobe is full with pug hats, dresses, shoes and more. Sometimes she and her mummy share clothing with each other, happily they have the same dog size! Pics of pugs in costumes - mother's and daughter's, decorate their home, it hang everywhere on the walls. Once, Pug Fleur was strolling in New Yorkies' Park. She enjoyed nice weather and herself, wearing silk dress and a flower hat. Suddenly a dog of mixed breed came to her and said:
- Lady Pug, you are so beautiful! I am a representative of a dog fashion magazine, and looking for a dog for the next cover. I like your image so much, so let it be you!
Pug and her mummy were endlessly happy. It was such a honor for a fancy dog!
The next month she appeared on the cover, and them many magazines included her photos in rubrics with pictures of pugs in costumes. The lady became a famous dog model, so we wish her good luck and never stop being fancy!

© Written by Anna Pishvanova


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The portrait of pug was created by the artist Maria Pishvanova