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Playful Jack Russell Art

May 22, 2012

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Good day, beautiful readers! In this article you will learn how to be the real dandy. It is easy - and basics of jack russell art are are designed to help. In museums of Animal Century are exhibited many beautiful jack russell terrier paintings. When writing about art of dog fashion, our journalists always mention trends, popular among terriers. Expecially among jack russells - they have always been fancy dogs.
We talked to Dog Juan, famous jetsetter and dandy. He knows everything about being artistic!

Painting of Jack Russell Terrier Art

Mister JRT, what are you wearing today?
This hat is a creation of my friend, Lady Boston Terrier. I received it from her on my dog birthday. My love for beautiful headwear is endless. I attend all fashion art shows, and never miss a chance to buy a beautiful hat. This is one of the best jack russell terrier gifts I ever got!
It fits you very much! And where do you take inspiration from to be fancy?
As any other resident of animals Kingdom, I love dog art. Paintings with dogs depicts trends of past animal centuries better than anything else. You may say, that only magazines guides us through fashion world. But look at famous jack russell painting called Star Dog in Clothes.
Yes, it is very beautiful. What do you think is important for being loved by ladys?
It is a difficult question. I don't know a dandy dog, who ever claimed on being rejected. Everybody finds love in our Kingdom. By the way, ask animal artists about it! I was amazed by jack russell drawing, that depicts two dogs on a date. It an image of love between two canines!
But to find a dream dog is not easy!
I know. It depends on your knowledge and imagination. Beautiful dogs walk all around! They like intelligent dandys, who knows much about Happy Art. My grandfather told me, that I should never be afraid to know less than a lady. You know, they want us to be well educated! With my ex-girlfriend I visited all museums of jack russell terrier art. She told me about all paintings, exhibited there. Although we are not together now, she is still my good friend.
So, even such strong love doesn't last forever...
We were too young, it was just a good friendship. She told me, that I should always look forward to new impressions. It is all about jack russell art of being creative and positive dog!

© Written by Anna Pishvanova


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Portrait of Jack Russell Terrier was created by the artist Maria Pishvanova