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Poodle Portrait

January 24, 2012

Her name is Lady Poodle, and she is known for being a dream of all dandy dogs. But the beauty does not hurry up to find the cavalier of her heart. She dedicates all her time to art, that made her a star of our Kingdom! So, she will be the third dog, whose poodle portrait will appear in the Royal Gallery of Animal Century. How does she feel about it? Let's ask her a question!

poodle portrait

Good morning, Lady! The sun shines today like never before! Probably, you woke it up with your beauty!
Let me think it is a compliment! Actually, sun always shine for me, as long as I am happy with every day. And yes, I think that is all because of my love for being joyful. Who ever wants to be sad?
You are right, Lady Poodle. Animals of our Kingdom should never grieve! So, as long as we talk about it, how did your day start?
I took some of my poodle stuff with, and went to the sport centre Powerful Poodles. Had a nice work out with my friend Bichon Frise, and now I am here, giving an dog interview about art.
And it is so good! By the way, we want to congratulate you with being the third dog, whose poodle portrait will appear in the Royal Gallery.
Thank you! I still can not believe how happy I am! I always dreamed to be portrayed by the Animal Century artist Maria Pishvanova, and finally my dream came true!
How were you invited?
Once, I received a letter, saying that Maria wants to see me in her studio. I thought it was a joke, and firstly did not want to go...But then I took my favorite bag with poodle ornament, put some dog candies in, and anyway went to the studio. I always wanted to go there, and it was a wonderful opportunity! Just as soon as I arrived, Prince Romeo, who was in the studio, too, told me that he is glad that I came, and Maria wants to portray myself. Can you imagine my reaction?
You was like I can not believe my dog ears!
Yes! I stood still, like a poodle statue, and thought I was seeing a dream. I was totally barkless.
And when the portrait was ready, how did you react?
I loved it like no poodle artwork I saw before. Romeo said, that this portrait will be exhibited in soon-to-be-opened Royal Gallery, that made me the more happy. You know what? I think that poodle portrait of myself is a masterpiece of dog art!
We think so, too! Lady, please tell us about role of art in your life and how it influence your personal dog life.
Oh, you ask me about love! Dance is my only love. And no cavalier can replace it. Dandies dedicate ballads to me, send poems and hundreds of roses (as you can see, I always wear a one on my hat), but useless...How could they think, that romance is everything I am interested in? I am not just a pretty poodle, I am a passionate dog artist! I want my cavalier to be adventurous and brave. Not only romantical, for dog's sake!
Lady Poodle, that is very sincere of you...! Indeed, not every lady dog wants to get married to dandy. They can be just friends, in the end!
Of course! You know, not a long ago I wrote a poem...about dog friendship...

I'm Dog Lady, you're Dog Dandy
That doesn't mean we are together!
Even when we walk in park
And no one hear a single bark
We are walking silently...
I'm Dog Lady, you're Dog Dandy
We are just friends, I say, forever
Even when we dance in dark
And no one hear a single bark
We are dancing silently...

Woow! What a fantastic poem!
Thank you very much. It is simple, but I hope I explained what I think aboud dog friendship.
But what if such a friendship become love?...

At that moment Lady Poodle rolled eyes down, and smiled shily. So, we understood everything! And changed the theme...

Queen Corgi told us, that there will be prints from portrait if herself available to buy, and can we hope to buy a print from yours?
Really? I haven't heard of it. But I think that a very gorgeous poodle posters could be made from my portrait. I will certainly buy it, and make standard, and also toy poodle gifts to all my friends and family.
That is very kind of you, lady! So, it was nice talking to you! We wish you good luck at the Royal Gallery opening and...much love!
Love, again!...oh...There is nothing else I can say, except...I am pretty in love with my poodle portrait!

© Written by Anna Pishvanova


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The interview was taken by Lady Chihuahua at home of Lady Poodle. The portrait of poodle was created by the artist Maria Pishvanova