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Pop Art Dogs. New Wave

May 20, 2012

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New fashion trends always influence society. Expecially when it is intended to be artistic. In this article we will try to figure out, what are pop art dogs. You can see them everywhere - in bars, museums and even in schools. It is not hard to recognize a pop art dog - it always wears bright weird clothes. Some of them even change coat colour. Lady of shih tzu breed attracted much attention, after she went outside with green hair. Popular dog magazines fought to get her photo on their covers.
- I like pop art dogs, - says Professor Foxhound from Scent hounds county. - They look very up-to-date. In our fancy Kingdom classical fashion trends seem to stay forever. Residents visit museums, watch there dogs in historical clothes and dress up the same. Why not to change our vision? Of course, Corgi the Queen wears regal dresses because of who she is. If you are a teen pug, it is not necessary to wear couture. Look at masterpieces of modern dog art, and fall in love with pop dogs!
Last month, fashionistas came to exhibition of pet portrait art. Most paintings, presented there, had lack of colour. Animals set up peaceful protest, barking out:
- Stop dog portrait artists from being boring!
The day after you could read in newspapers of Animal Century, that this meeting caused the real boom. Vintage dog art paintings were replaced with pop. Now we can not say for sure, if it is good or bad. Canine residents, who prefer colouring their coat to wearing wigs, are taking us over.

Pop Art Dogs

© Written by Anna Pishvanova


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