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Pug Clothes and Accessories

January 20, 2012

Here are the shops where you can find special pug clothes and accessoires.

Biker Pug Jackets

Only dogs of pug breed come to this shop, situated on the street of Black Labradoodle. But it is not just pugs. It is those pugs, who love high speed and extreme. I think you undersood, what these dogs do. Right: they ride a bike! If you also want to fulfill your life with spicy feelings, then beside the bike you will need a stylish jacket. And you can find what you want in the Biker Pug Jackets. The owner of a shop don't like talking much about what he sells. He thinks, that barking is useless, when you can just come and see everything with your dog eyes. So, here you will find a cool jacket for a pug with an attitude!

Pug Original

Where do you come from? Such question often ask themselves pugs, who want to know more about their past. And you know, if such thoughts don't come to your dog head - then just imagine, that your relatives were cowboys or indians. And to finally feel close to your roots, come to the ,i>Pug Original. In this shop you will feel, like you are at the Wild Dog West. And to be certain, Wild Pug West. Jackets for pug cowboys, stylish headwear and boots. And if you like to smoke an indian calumet, then here is offered tabacco, smelling like dog bisquits. Feel yourself original!

Sleepy Alley

Everybody knows, that pugs love comfort. That is why a cosy bed is what you need for your interior! But what if you got bored of your usual bed? You can just sleep, or lie in it, surrounded with designer dog pillows. Sometimes you want more, so there is the one way out - visit Sleepy Alley. It is a shop, where very large dog beds are sold. But these beds are not for big dogs. What is interesting, that they are for pugs, who love much space. You can choose from various of beds - green field, sea horizon and much more. Feel a freedom of mind! Have a rest and sleep like a comfy pug!

© Written by Julia Pishvanova


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