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Puli Dog Pictures

February 05, 2012

Hello, beautiful residents and guests of Animal Century!
My name is Puli the Lady Star, and today I will tell you about puli dog pictures of me, that summurizes my life.

puli dog pictures

I can not tell I was always a creative dog - during puppyhood I wanted to become a farmer, like my water dog daddy and mummy.
I spent most of the time outside our house - my best friends were sheeps and cows, with whom I had a great time. Other puli puppies, who lived in our Hungerian Dogs City, thought I am too strange, because instead of going to school and communicating with them, I preferred being among stock.
Thanks to such experience, I learned being free. My best friend at the time - Miss White Sheep - once told me a very interesting thing:
- Never let anybody to tell you who you are. You have the right to choose for yourself! If your dog parents are farmers, it does not mean you will be, too. Maybe, you are a dog, who will change the world...
These words caused a great influence on my doggie mind.
When parents told me, that the time to choose the future dog profession came, I refused to go to the Royal College of Animal Century for studying herding.
Mum wanted to change my mind, and showed me the album with puli dog pictures of our relatives, who all were farmers.
- I value our family, but my life is the different thing. Let me choose for myself. - told I to my doggie parents.
I packed my puli clothes, and went to the capital of Pastoral Dogs County, hoping to find my fortune there...

© Written by Anna Pishvanova


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The portrait of puli was created by the artist Maria Pishvanova