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Puppy Artwork like a Fairytale

May 15, 2012

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What can a little dog do to be portrayed on a cute puppy artwork? Nothing special. All puppies are wonderful and deserve to be in the history of dog art. Chihuahua boy you see below comes from fairytale, that is told by dog mothers to their children every evening. Most of all this story is loved in Toy county. No wonder, there live most of our chihuahua residents.

Puppy Artwork with Chihuahua

Twice upon times such story happened in Animal Century. There are two puppy portraits of main characters, so let us tell you about the first.
Chihuahua fell in love with lady of his dream. But he wasn't loved in return, because she was of a big breed. Lady considered him weak and small, although she was still a puppy, too. He could not handle such a situation - and decided to be more than just a little dog. He went to animal artists and asked them to paint a chihuahua artwork with him on it. They had many other dog portraits to do, but when he told the whole story, they agreed to portray him.
After that, chi sent anonymous letter to his love. He invited her to see that artwork. On chihuahua painting was pinned a message:
Lady, you should never bring a weak dog down,
Doggie's success coming after will make you frown.

Big dog understood who wrote this note. But it was too late for changing mind...
This is how puppy artwork raised self-esteem of a one dandy chihuahua.

© Written by Anna Pishvanova


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Portrait of Chihuahua was created by the artist Maria Pishvanova