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Puppy Jackets in Shops of Animal Century

December 15, 2011

we are continue talking about winter clothes for puppies. today our subject is puppy jackets. i have noticed, that puppies wear jackets with the more pleasure, than coats and puppy pullovers. for my son akita i once bought a beautiful pullover by the brand western puppies. i was sure, that my puppy will like this gift. there was his favorite dog character, depicted on this pullover - pug eastwood. and i really wanted to turf an old puppy jacket, that was worn by akita for a couple of years.
but my puppy did not want to hear about it! and here is the result: pullover by western puppies lies in a dog box for clothes, and an old jacket is still with us.

Pretty Puppy Jackets

conclusion is, that if you want to buy warm clothes for your puppy, that he will wear with pleasure, then visit these shops:

puppy rebel

this style is not for mummy's puppies. but if your son looks like a dog cowboy, rocker or gangsta, puppy jacket by rebel puppy will ideally fit him. he will feel comfortable in it among his dog friends. the most popular jackets are items with titles, for example, dog'and'roll forever, rex pistols, zz-dog, robert puppyson, justin beagle and other unusual titles.
i think, that such clothes will ideally fit my son. but what if your puppy doesn't like rebel style? don't worry. there are also elegant models among puppy jackets of our kingdom. and an example for it is...

snow puppy queen

in this shop for little ladies there are sold puppy jackets of white and blue colours only. that's the real style of snow puppy queen! elegant and modern - that's the motto. in addition to warm jacket you can also buy a small elegant muff. or a pair of warm mittens, for paws of your puppy to not to freeze. models by this brand ideally fits yorkshire terrier, husky and maltese puppies. white chihuahua will look great in blue jacket, and a white jacket will fit a puppy of black colour.

dalmatian the granny

the third shop, where good jackets are sold, is called dalmatian the granny. as you can guess, all jackets by this brand are spotted. each puppy jacket is painted by the owner of shop herself - famous designer dalmatian the granny. this dog has been creating unique clothes for many years. but spots are really in her style, of course.
now granny opens her boutique, where can be ordered an ideal spot placement for every jacket. don't pass by and buy an exclusive thing of dalmatian colour for your puppy. such puppy jackets will fit every dog breed. the main thing is being original. and if your puppy is dalmatian - you definitely need such clothing!

we want to note, that all shops sell winter clothes of high quality. and i will surely buy a jacket with justin beagle for my puppy. i hope, he will value my gift this time. and which puppy jackets fits your puppy is your decision. kid must love it, and feel warm in winter cold.

© Written by Julia Pishvanova


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the article is written with the help of lady american akita