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Teen Pugs and Puppy Parents. Part II

December 11, 2011

Read the first part of an article about training a teen pug

Dear residents and guests of the Animal Century Kingdom, who read our gazette. Today we post a few more advices from Lady Pug on how to train your little dog. This is a very important thing for a puppy parents - to get a really good puppy training advice in the right time. In the future it will your baby become a noble and chic grown-up puppy. So be patient and wise - never turn your back to your kid, pretending that you don't understand him! Lady Pug gives the examples, when participating in the life of a little dog is significant - so read and think about how to be the best dog parent!
the third problem is...


puppy computer games

I think, all dogs, whatever they breed is, would agree with me. Internet for kids is very dangerous. They don't just play there puppy computer games, like Dog Fighting or Hound Dogs, but also meet strange animals at forbidden dog sites. And what if your puppy would meet there a real fighting dog and would be involved in a bad gang? Thinking about it is scary.
What to do?
Do not use dog internet in your pug family. Or create a special password, so your puppy won't get into this dangerous dog web.
The fourth problem is...

lazy puppies

Your little pug always surfing dog internet or listen to headphones for puppies? Seems that he or she lost interest for the real dog life.
What do to?
Take all in your paws! You do not have to be indifferent puppy parents. Do not let your kid to be the real lazy pug. Since the childhood sign him or her up to courses of pug education or sport training for dogs. But remember, you have to be loyal pug parents. Your puppy should like the dog courses he or she attends.
The fifth problem is...

the first dog love

So what...even the most experienced dog psychologist can not finally solve this problem. Every teen pug goes through the first dog feelings.
What to do?
Do not stand against it. Pay much attention, to what happens in the life of your puppies. try to talk to them in the same dog language. If you communicate with a little pug, like, for example, weimaraner with a siamese cat, you would never know, when your dog goes on a first date. And it is really significant for puppy parenting - to know what happens in the life of their children.

So, today we have solved some of the main problems, that happens in pug and other dog breeds families. The right training of a little dog is your main aim, dear puppy parents. I hope my advices would help you.

© Written by Julia Pishvanova


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in preparing this article we want to thank lady pug for her wise advices and her daughter lady junior pug - for modeling for the portrait, created by the artist maria pishvanova