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Puppy Portraits for Your Kids

May 23, 2012

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In our Kingdom all parents want to see puppy portraits of their kids. Since the early age we teach our little dogs, cats and all animals to love art. And what is the better way to show it's power, than to make your puppy the part of it?
We have a few portraits of puppies in the Royal Gallery now. All of them are posted in this article. Let us to tell you about animal artists, who will paint doggie portraits for you... The first talented canine resident of Animal Century we will talk about, is a Mister Perro de Presa Mallorquin. He paints puppies and toy terriers. Even when he was a kid himself, ca de bou portrayed his classmates.
- In my opinion, little dogs are the better models, than grown ups! They are self-confident. Art help to show off their natural beauty. In the future, I plan to open a real gallery of puppy portraits.

first puppy portraits

Next animal artist is Miss Dachshund. She belong to the young generation of talents, and has her own pet portraits blog. There she posts her newest dog artworks. Lady Wiener also loves to paint puppies. She is still an art student in the Royal College, but her paintings are already loved by many dogs:
- I don't think that my artworks could be compared to masterpieces from museums and galleries. But I love my job, I think it it very important for an artist. In the future I plan to do really professional puppy dog portraits.

Puppy Portraits

Puppy Yorkie Portraits

Puppy Yorkies Portraits

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Portraits of Yorkshire Terriers and Pug were created by the artist Maria Pishvanova