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Puppy Winter Clothes. Shops of our Kingdom

December 14, 2011

Winter came. All dogs already bought warm clothes. And many of them followed advices of our rubric dog winter clothes. Now all dogs have warm clothes for any case. Winter jumpsuits for sporty dogs, synthetic fur coats for glamourous dogs, and also different dog pullovers, trenches and even socks...But don't forget, grown up dogs, that you have little puppies, who doesn't want to stay home in cold weather. Puppies love play in snow, go dog skiing and other winter entertainment for dogs. And for your puppy to not to freeze, it needs special warm clothes. That's why we decided to dedicate a few articles to our puppies. And to be exact, to winter puppy clothing. And today we will speak about puppy winter coats. In this warm and elegant clothes your puppy can go for a walk and even go skiing. What about other types of sport - that's the other puppy winter clothing. About that we will talk about in the next article.

Cute Puppy Winter Clothes

Here are some addresses of dog clothing shops, where you can find puppy winter clothing:

snow puppy

This is one of the most popular shops with winter clothes in our Kingdom. Here you will find the great variety of puppy winter coats of all sizes. For my puppy I bought there a coat with the dog bone application. Isn't it cute? But in Snow Puppy there are so many puppy winter coats, and for some dogs it will be difficult to choose a one.

madame husky

We already know, that Lady Husky makes a very fashionable winter clothes for dogs. Her outfits for dogs from the collection Pullovers for all Breeds are in wardrobe of every dog of the Kingdom. And in this season Husky created the collection Winter Coat for Every Puppy. A typical name in style of Lady Husky, isn't it? Blue velvet, prints of dog paws - designer always makes us happy. And if you love the style of this talented dog, then surely go to her boutique together with your puppy.

warm paws

Here are available a very comfortable coats for puppies for a good price. If you don't want to make an icon of puppy fashion out of your baby, then buy a simple coat by this brand. Your puppy will feel comfortable. Such clothes will be also liked by mothers, whose puppies play outside and dirty their clothing. Puppy winter coats by Warm Paws can be washed and you don't have to bring them to laundry dog service.

Today we have spoken about puppy winter clothing. And in the next article we will talk about where to find warm puppy jackets for your kid.

© Written by Julia Pishvanova


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