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Secret of Boston Terrier Art

May 20, 2012

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Time to find out, what is hidden behind famous masterpiece of boston terrier art. Of course, we are talking about Birth of Boston Terrier. Since long ago you can see it in dog art museums all around our Kingdom. Every year it is moved from space to space, so residents of Animal Century can watch this beauty. There is a one thing, that makes this boston terrier artwork unique - noone knows, who created it... Everything started with a lady of havanese breed. While watching boston terrier painting in Toy county, she asked herself - who painted this dog artwork?
At home she surfed pugirnet, and found nothing - only a few articles with reproduction from this painting included. As long as havanese was very curious dog, she wrote a letter to Palace of Animal Century. Here it is:

Dear Prince Romeo!

I am a long time judge of dog art. Even when I was a little puppy, I had great interest for terrier paintings. I love all kinds of them - whether belong to scottish, bull ot yorkshire terrier art. I know, residents of our land love such artworks. But why nobody ever was interested in who painted Birth of Boston Terrier? This painting is legendary. So, what is author's name?

Best Regards,
Lady Havanese


After long-haired chihuahua read it, he immediately called meeting in Palace. Historians of our land had to find out, who painted masterpiece of boston terrier art.
Two months passed by, and still no answer found. Scientists even phoned Mister Parrot Ara from far away island, in order to ask him personally about origin of boston terrier secret. It is widely known, that Ara is brilliantly educated bird. Unfortunately, he did not tell anything. Unexpected final! Parrot gave just a little hint - to look in the same direction as all dogs on painting. But which one?! Boston terrier in center looks straight at you, and all others - on the right.
We hope you, dear readers, are also interested in who painted this boston terrier artwork. Send your ideas to Palace - we will not stop figuring it out...

Boston Terrier Art

© Written by Anna Pishvanova


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Portrait of Boston Terrier was created by the artist Maria Pishvanova