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The Animals Kingdom

February 08, 2012

Hello, dear visitors of the Animal Century Kingdom!
You are now in the land, where you will meet someone special; where you will learn something curious; the land, where you will feel the real joy!
Dogs, cats and all animals, living here are happy to welcome you, as long as our Kingdom is the very friendly. We call ourselves Residents - and whether you are a human, hamster or a siamese cat, you can become a Resident, too.
Let's celebrate Animals, Art and Fashion at Animal Century!
And now me, Prince Romeo, together with the Cat Queen, will tell you about the establishment of our Kingdom.

the animals kingdom

Animal Century was founded by the artist Maria Pishvanova. You may ask, how an artist can build the whole land? It is easy. For building such an unusual land, you have to be the very creative person. When talent combines with the vision of beauty, then something gorgeous is born...
That is how was founded the Kingdom, where live dogs and cats, dressed in chic clothes. Not only them, but also rats, rabbits, chinchillas, tigers and more...All these animals and their human friends lead a Happy Art lifestyle - so their days are fancy, joyful and artistic.
In our Royal Gallery you can see portraits of our residents, created by Maria Pishvanova herself. And the gallery is always updated with new paintings! Royalty is never too much...

Visit the Toy County, and meet pekingeses, poodles and chihuahuas, visit the Persian City, and meet there long haired persian cats...Our Kingdom is big, there are many cities, counties, islands here, there are even a few small independent coutries, for example, the Suvereign Country of Sporting Dogs.
Now our Palace is working on a detailed map of our land - with the help of it you would learn our land the better.

You will also have an opportunity to join our Kingdom - so become a Resident of Animal Century. How could you do this? Patience! This is a very magical process, about which we will tell you very soon...Stay tuned!

Animal Centurely Yours,
Prince Romeo the Long Haired Chihuahua & the Cat Queen

© Written by Anna Pishvanova


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Portraits of Chihuahua and Cat were created by the artist Maria Pishvanova