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Vintage Dog Art of Lady Iggy

May 18, 2012

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Today we invite you into the world of vintage dog art. No, it is not a trip to open space or to another planet. So, again. Last month a team of astronaut dogs flied in the Happy Art Rocket to the moon, and brought there cool dog drawings. Now you can watch a real exhibition of canine art, while looking at the moon closely. This case caused a real boom in our Kingdom. Residents celebrated these dog heroes, Corgi the Queen named them cosmic ambassadors and a great Animal Century Ball was held in Palace...
All magazines and newspapers wrote about this story many times recently. We offer to change the theme and learn more about antique canine paintings...

Vintage Dog Art

We visited Lady Iggy in her villa, she agreed to show us her great collection of retro dog art.
- Firstly, I would like to tell everybody what all these paintings mean to me. As you know, sighthounds adore all kinds of dog artworks. My friend Mister Borzoi dedicates all his time to reading books about life of Mudilangelo. He was a very talented dog artist, you can see his paintings in all museums of Animal Century! I am proud to have one of them in my collection of vintage dog art.
Then Lady Iggy told us two more stories from lifes of her graceful friends. Dandy Irish Wolfhound collects postmarks with labradors. Lord Azawakh buys at least three yorkie figurines every month. He wants to fullfill his collection, that contains three hundred items for now.
We were absolulety amazed while miss italian greyhound walked with us around big halls, where antique dog paintings were hanging all around. Some of them we have already seen in the Royal Shop - as an art prints.
- What I really like about vintage dog art, is that artworks with breeds are always executed in classic manner. You won't see squared snouts or blue coat colours. Just look at these art deco dogs - firstly you can not understand, whether it is a real or painted dog!
We left house of Lady Grace full with inspiration and joy. Visit Villa Iggy to watch beautiful animal paintings - such ones you will see nowhere else!

© Written by Anna Pishvanova


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