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White Chihuahua Pictures

January 29, 2012

Everyday our Gazette receive dozens of letters from dogs, cats and other residents of our Kingdom. Of course, majority of them are about art, fashion and animals! Some want to tell us the story of what changed their life, others send us pictures of their puppies.
Not a long ago we started a photo contest, where we have chosen the best image for certain dogs of a breed. Today our picture editor Lady Papillon will tell you about how we have chosen the best white chihuahua pictures.

white chihuahua pictures

Nothing compares to being fashionable for a dog from Animal Century Kingdom. And especially for a one of chihuahua breed! During our photo contest we helped many chis to become self confident and learn how to be stylish. Cases with white chihuahua dogs were really hard.
Once, a long haired lady from Gundogs County asked us, whether it is normal for her to wear uniform. She sent to our contest pictures of herself wearing straps. Of course, living in such district of Animal Century influences mind of a gentle dog, but this canine went too far. She wore clothes by the Alsatian brand, that usually supplies dogs of Animal Century with armor. In that outfits she looked like dog on a portrait from Military Dogs gallery!
We explained her, that a female chihuahua should wear clothes only for ladies, so she would look like a dog angel, and not like a legionnaire.
Then we were discussing a dandy dog, who imagined himself a baby. No, we don't mean that chi from the story about big bones. Baby was just his name, but in this case a dog felt himself just like a baby. A grown up dog who behaves like a puppy! He sent us white chihuahua pictures of him wearing jackets with portraits of teen stars, bonnets for new born puppies...And what is worse, he told in letter, that his idol is Prince Romeo! We can not understand, why he wore those clothes, if a very fancy dog of our Kingdom is his idol...Of course we did not told about it to Romeo himself - we were afraid to make him feel bad.
Instead, we explained to this strange dog, that all clothes for dandies should be elegant. No fluffy coats, no bonnets and no jackets with Robert Puppyson image! Dandy dog must learn sense of style - otherwise, how he wanted to earn love of lady dogs?!

royal white chihuahua pictures

And in the end, we will tell you about a white short haired chihuahua, who wanted to radically change her image. You all might have read the story about a very cute chihuahua, who made residents of our Kingdom endlessly laughing. So, that was she.
The problem was, that her chi mummy put strange clothes on her. Mother believed, that she knows what is the best clothes for her child to wear. And poor chi daughter did not argue - the situation made her barkless! Until she understood that it can not continue like this anymore...
She sent us two pictures of her - a one where she wore tweed costume of dark brown colour and a wig made from synthetic peacock feathers, and another one, where she wore a really royal wig and a lace dress. You understand, which picture we chose - of course the second one!
It amazed us. Clothes looked so regal. It made her look absolutely gorgeous! And in the end, we had to explain to her mother, that being a fancy dog in the Kingdom does not mean to be strange. Our advices helped both dogs, and now chi mother and daughter never argue.

That is how we chose the best white chihuahua pictures during our photo contest. Send us photos of yourself and a story behind it. See you at Animal Century!

© Written by Anna Pishvanova


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The portrait of chihuahua was created by the artist Maria Pishvanova