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Winter Sweaters for Dogs. Shops

January 19, 2012

In winter all dogs wear warm clothes. That is why winter sweaters for dogs are totally sold out! And this year is not an exception. Dogs line up to buy warm sweaters. And there are more and more who want to buy these sweaters, due to the fashion on synthetic wool.
Here are addresses of shops, where dogs buy winter sweaters.

Winter Sweaters for Dogs

Aunt Sheep

Clothes made from quality synthetic are offered by Aunt Sheep. This shop is for those who love comfort and simple style.

Second hand of Mister Newfoundland

You don't want to waste money on warm clothes, but are afraid of strong cold? Then a good second hand is what you need. Mister Newfoundland offers winter sweaters for dogs for a low price. But don't you think that there is no dog clothing by famous brands!
Not a long ago mister Newfie went to the Lagotto Romagnolo County and bought there sweaters by the Gianni Puppy brand. Nevertheless that these clothing was worn by other dogs, it looks like new. If you are interested, than you better hurry up. This sweaters is popular!

Warm Paws

Comfortable clothes for our little puppies. Choose from a variety of colours - from red to light green. In addition, this shop offers clothes with different applications - mouses, rabbits, funny dogs, joyful kittens...

Good Night, Yorkie!

This shop have such an unusual name, because basically there are sold designer dog blankets for yorkshire terriers. But for those, who are looking for dog sweaters, the shop offers a very nice models with prints of dog paws by the Barky Bark brand. Such clothes fit dogs of all breeds.

Little Doggie

Wow! Now dogs of a small size don't have to spend hours in shops, to find small dog coats and sweaters. Little Doggie Boutique offers a great choice of such clothes. Attention! You will also find there extra small puppy clothes!

© Written by Julia Pishvanova


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