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World of Retriever Art

May 19, 2012

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My dear friends, I am happy to have this opportunity to share my story of love for retriever art. As any dog of our Kingdom, I am absolutely agree, that nothing is better, than beautiful paintings with dogs. It is especially important, when talking about feeling good.
When I was a little puppy, grandpa showed me many museums of Animal Century. There I watched golden retriever paintings by masterminds of all times. What I remembered were military dog portraits.
Later on, I decided to become a general myself. Reason was not just nobility of this title, but also opportunity to wear uniform. Have you ever been to Great Dog Parade? I took part in it many times, and believe me, it is always spectacular. On the golden retriever artwork shown below I am portrayed wearing my festive dog costume.

Retriever Art Golden

Not a long ago I decided to devote some time to learning more about golden retriever art actually. I always have been wondering, why residents of our Kingdom pay less attention to unknown artworks, than to well-known? We all love such famous paintings as Long Haired Lab or Retriever Leading the Dogs. In fact, there were much more animal artists, who created beautiful masterpieces.
That is why I signed up for short courses, tought by Professor Foxhound. During three weeks animals learn more about forgotten dog art. Here is what I wrote in my diary on the first day of course:

Sometimes you can not even imagine, how many things there are you don't know. Mister Foxhound says, that knowledge is valuable dog gift. I am absolutely agree with him! Today our class went to LRAM (Labrador Retriever Art Museum). I was there twice, firsly my grandfather made an excursion, then I invited my lady to visit it. Of course, I forgot everything I saw (yes, during puppyhood we like to play, and then we fall in dog love...). Professor walked us through all galleries. He showed amazing labrador retriever paintings. Labs of all coat colours possible, these dogs in fancy clothes looked very natural. Foxhound told exciting story behind a one masterpiece of black labrador art. I even held my breath!
There were also a few my breed artworks, so I bought dog prints from them. Hope, friends will be glad to receive such golden retriever gifts from me.

Now it's been already three weeks since I started to visit these courses. It was really interesting, I met there new friends. Together we visit museums and watch setter, bichon, labrador paintings.
Now I know much more about not only retriever art, but also about residents of Animal Century Kingdom.

Curly Coated Retriever Art

© Written by Anna Pishvanova


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Portraits of Golden Retriever and Curly Coated Retriever were created by the artist Maria Pishvanova